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"With the addition of Train on Time, we can offer our guests an attraction that truly appeals to every member of the family, from toddlers to grandparents, it's filled with hours of enjoyment and good times." Terry Adams, Show Manager
Great American Train Show

"Our children can't seem to get enough of this fun and exhilirating experience." Paw Paw Festival Attendee

"The 2005 Memphis Italian Festival went down in the record books as the most successful ever. Bruce, as we look forward to the 2006 Memphis Italian Festival, we hope to have you on board. Your presence and contributions cannot be replaced. Thanks for your time. Thanks for your efforts. And thanks for making a difference." Michael Seebeck & Spencer Roberts
Co-Chairs, Memphis Italian Festival

"My daugther loved it!" The Fawcettes

"I'm a grandma and I enjoyed it very much. See you next year." P.T.
Sachse, TX

"The kids had a great time! Thank you for the great exhibit and ride. We would love to see you again next year." The Vagels
Arlington, TX

"This is a great ride - a real train and tracks. My grandson couldn't tear himself away. Please return next year."Brian Walker

"So much fun! What a great ride for the kiddo's!" Tim & Shirley Day

"I hope this becomes a regular attraction every year. Our two kids, ages 2 and 4 just had a blast with the whole train exhibit. They especially liked riding the hand trains." Dan Fritz
Lewisville, TX

"Best ride here! Our 11 year old rode with our 3 year old little boy and this just made his day! Great picture for the scrapbook! (We'll look forward to seeing you next year!)"Ed Hanson Family

"What a great addition to our fair. We've been coming every year since '93 (When we moved to Dallas) and this is one of the best attractions - historic and fun! The kids loved it!" Angella Vale
Dallas, TX

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